OUR WINE SELECTION - at the Winery and these fine merchants

Red Wines
TIVOLI CELEBRATION: A medium bodied dry red wine made from the Frontenac grape  and has some fruity character for a dry wine.  It goes well with any beef from a hamburger to a steak.
HORSE TRADER:  A medium to full bodied dry red wine made from Cynthianna Norton grapes and aged with French oak.  It goes well with any beef entree such as prime rib.
SWEET CAROLINE:  A more full bodied semi-dry wine made from the Frontenac grape  and is like a slighty sweetened Merlot.  This wine goes great with any Italian dish. It pairs well with chocolate too.  
HAYFORK RED -- Semi Sweet :  A blend of blueberry and red grapes that yield a light fruity wine. A very aromatic wine that is not too sweet but not too dry. Pairs well with pork, wild game and red sauce pasta dishes.

CRIMSON & CLOVER  Sweet: A rich & full bodied semi-sweet red wine with a hint of clover. Made with a blend of several Iowa red grapes. Serve with cheese & crackers and dip. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

DANISH ARBOR: A sweet Concord wine, very fruity, good for sipping or served with a dessert. May be reminiscent of days gone by - like the grapes from your grandmother's garden. 

Red Fruit Wines
BLUEBERRY DELIGHT:  This wine is made from blueberries and is high in anitoxidants. A good health choice and goes well with cheeses as well as blueberry cheesecake (Click here for recipe).
RHUBERRY -- Sweet: A great favorite summertime blend of rhubarb and strawberries for your pallet. One might enjoy this with a picnic lunch or by itself while relaxing in the late afternoon. Serve chilled

BERRYESSA:  This is a very flavorful blackberry wine. It is a sweet wine that may be enjoyed as a dessert wine chilled.
CHERRILICIOUS -- Sweet: This has the anticipated sweet cherry flavor that is balanced with it's sweetness. May be enjoyed with milk chocolate as well as any pork entree. Serve Chilled

MILL HOUSE CRAN -- Sweet:    A cranberry wine that is a delightful holiday fruity sensation. Serve chilled.  

White Wines
WINDMILL WHITE:   A light and crisp dry white wine made in a Chablis style from Chardonel grapes. Pairs well with fish or poultry.
CRYSTAL SPRINGS GOLD:  A very smooth and light semi-sweet white wine made from the LaCrosse grape.  Enjoy this wine in the afternoon or evening.
MAID OF THE HARBOR:  A light tropical semi-sweet white wine made from the Edelweiss grape  and often resembles a Riesling.
CATAWBA SUNSET:  A fruity semi-sweet white wine made from Catawba grapes  that has the characteristic tanginess of that grape.
CLASSY LADY:  A sweet wine made from Chardonel grapes.  It may be served as a dessert wine.
TWILIGHT WHITE:  A dry white wine made from the Brianna grape. It is a fruity wine that has a hint of pineapple.  Pairs well with cheeses.

White Fruit Wines
PRETTY BELLE PEACH:  This wine is a sweet white wine that is considered a dessert wine and is one you can relax with out on your patio in the evening.

PEAR-A-DYCE Sweet - A delicious fragrance of ripening pears is evident in the bouquet of this pear wine that is combined with a balanced sweetness. Great with deserts such as pound cake, cookes, or brs as well as other light fruit desserts. Serve chilled.

COUNTRYSIDE BLUSH:  A rosé style semi-sweet made with Catawba and Foch grapes and  can be served with tasty cheeses and resembles a White Zinfandel.